SEO Video Tutorial #5 – Social Media, Links & SEO

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Originally Facebook was developed to allow students to swap information with each other, but has since grown into an enormous worldwide phenomenon, which is increasingly important for businesses. If you do not already have a Facebook page for your business you should set one up as soon as possible. Facebook allows you to easily keep in touch with a large group of potential customers.



If your company does not yet have a Twitter account, set up an account as soon as possible. The basic idea behind Twitter is that you can send short messages which can be picked up by people who may find the message content interesting.



The idea behind LinkedIn is to allow you to share details about you or your company with other business people. Even if you have no immediate plans to use the service, you should register and set up a page as soon as possible, as you may decide it could be an important element of your online marketing in the future.



In the early days most of the videos posted to YouTube were personal videos uploaded by people with video cameras. YouTube is now becoming an increasingly important tool for businesses.

While originally the size and length of videos that could be uploaded was severely limited, today you are far less restricted. You can post as many videos as you want to YouTube and the great thing it’s a totally free service.

Once you have uploaded a video to YouTube, you can embed the video within your website; visitors to your website can click on a video link and watch the video.

In the same way that you might want to optimise your website for maximum search engine visibility, you can also optimise the details associated with each of your YouTube videos. For instance, each video that you upload can have a title and description as well as keyword tags.

YouTube is like a search engine in its own right, and if you take the trouble to customise your title, description and keyword tags you should find that when people search for your product or service, with a bit of luck your video will begin to show.

This of course depends on how many other similar videos have been posted and how well they have optimised the videos to be found. YouTube is great when optimised for a local search. For instance, if you run a dog grooming business where you are only really interested in local customers you should find that after careful optimisation you show up on the first page of YouTube results quite easily.

Something that most people do not realise is that you can insert a link back to your website within the description of your video on YouTube. In order for this link to work, you must specify the full HTTP address and not just simply use the www address. Many companies with videos on YouTube either do not have a link at all or use the www form of the URL which will not serve as an active link to your website.

Linking from your videos on YouTube to your website is an excellent way of increasing the number of quality links to your website.

Having a number of YouTube videos can help you to optimise your Google places page. The Google places page is extremely important if you want to show up well within the local results in Google.


Google +1

If you insert a Google +1 button into your website pages you can let visitors record the fact that they like your website. The more visitors that click and register on the Google +1 button, the more credence Google will give to your website.



This is one of the newer social media sites and the good thing is, a lot of your competitors have probably never heard of it.  Basically Pinterest is all about pinning pictures that are available throughout the web onto public notice boards. It sounds unlikely but this is an excellent way of adding exposure to your website and hence your company.

As with all social media site, rather than rushing in and just simply setting up an account, you should carefully consider in advance how you want to use this site and you should make sure your Pinterest site is fully optimised for your particular keyword phrases.


Using Social Media sharing buttons

The idea behind social media sharing buttons is that you offer a series of buttons on your website to allow users to share details about your website on a social media site of their choice including sites such as Facebook and Twitter. There are in fact hundreds of other social media sites and it is a simple matter to have these buttons inserted into your website so that your website visitors can share the information gained from your site with others.



It is essential that you have a business blog these days. You can promote your products and services on the blog and it is ideally suited for promoting news about your site or maybe special offers. Google loves blogs because the whole point of blogs is they contain information that is updated on a regular basis and as we have seen Google likes new content on your website. The more often you create new blog posts the better Google will like your website.  As always there is a right way and a wrong way of setting up blogs. The best way is to set up a blog within your website so that they share the same domain name. By far and away the most popular blog software is called WordPress. In fact these days over 25% of all new websites are actually based on WordPress so increasingly people use WordPress to produce the website and the blog site.



SEO Video Tutorial #5 – Social Media, Links & SEO
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