Three Hour SEO Course for Beginners – FREE

Free SEO Training Course

This complete SEO foundation course for beginners is free and it will help you understand some the concepts behind successful SEO.









This short 3 hour SEO for beginners course will introduce you to the concepts behind search engine marketing.  By the end of the course you will see what is possible with good website marketing.

SEO is about getting your website found more easily by the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

By the end of this short course you will see that promoting your own website is not difficult, does not require detailed technical knowledge and you do not have to be a website designer.

We run two day website marketing seminars here in Perth on which you will learn the detailed techniques required to undertake your own website marketing.  We also deliver WordPress training courses.

We have also produced a series of online tutorials if you prefer a self-learn approach.

Remember the best person to promote your website is you: And SEO is not difficult, you just need good, up-to-date information and accurate information.

Three Hour SEO Course for Beginners – FREE
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