SEO Consultancy / Training in Perth WA

One-to-One SEO Consultancy and/or WordPress Consultancy in Perth

The consultancy can focus on just Search Engine Optimisation or just WordPress, or a mixture of the two depending on what you need.  The focus is up to you so that you get maximum benefit and we can skip topics that you are already familiar with.  You can chose to book one or two days consultancy, depending on your requirements.  It can even include YouTube setup and optimization if you want.

Just $600 + GST ($660 inc. GST)

  • Exclusive all day session at my Hocking location.
  • Starts at 9.30 am and ends around 5.00 pm
  • For up to three people from your organization
  • Lunch included

Please contact me to arrange a day
Can be at the weekend if that is better for you.

Cheltenham Group Pty. Ltd.
12 Osaka Loop, Hocking WA 6065

Call Today 0487 815 493 or email.

You can use the buttons below to pay by credit card, but before doing this please confirm dates with me.

One day consultancy $660 (inc GST)        Two days consultancy $1320 (inc GST) 

12 Osaka Loop, Hocking WA 6065



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