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Does your web designer know anything about SEO?

Cheltenham seo-tutorials-trainingTry this free SEO Audit and find out!  Your website may look nice but what does Google think of it?  Type in your details below and see how well you score for Search Engine Optimization.

Then for comparison type in the details for my website – I normally score around 95%:

Keyword: SEO Training

Enough said?  Your website needs fixing and I will show you how to fix it.  Sign up for up my SEO seminars in Perth, Western Australia, or sign up for my online SEO and WordPress courses.

For a decent presence within the Google search results
you should be looking for a score above


What’s Your SEO Score?

Enter your website address below and see how well it is optimized for a keyword or phrase.
NOTE: Within the KEYWORD section, enter a short phrase such as ‘Perth Plumbers’ or ‘Sydney Dentist’.
DO NOT just type in a whole list of words, – you should type in a search phrase that you expect people to type into the search engine to find your product or service.

Look how well I show up within Google

When I search for the phrase ‘SEO Training
this is how I show up in the Google search engine results …

seo-results-page v2


Don’t get banned by Google

This shows you what good SEO can achieve. However, it is important to remember that neither I, nor anyone else for that matter, can guarantee a first page position, as Google are a separate company and only they determine search engine positioning. It is also important to know that over optimization can hurt your search engine rankings.   Never buy in links to your website as this can get you banned from the Google results.

If you use an SEO company to do the Search Engine Optimisation for you, do you even know if they are buying in links on your behalf? This is why you should learn how to do your own website marketing. You are in control and you are much less likely to get banned by Google for using methods it disproves of.

SEO Audit
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