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About this course

  • This seminar will build on the knowledge you gained from our WordPress Basics course.
  • It will show you how to integrate the SEO knowledge gained from our SEO courses.
  • We recommend that you attend the following training courses in this order.
  • SEO Masterclass
  • WordPress

Categories and tags

  • Viewing a list of posts and associated categories
  • The ‘uncategorised’ category
  • Creating a category
  • Slugs and SEO
  • Assigning an existing post to a different category
  • Assigning a new post to a category when you create the post
  • Do not create too many categories
  • Tags
  • Assigning tags to posts
  • Adding a new tag

Installing premium themes

  • Using premium themes
  • Installing a premium theme
  • Activating a premium theme
  • Custom theme options

How to back up your website

  • Installing a backup plugin
  • Configuring the backup plugin

Updating WordPress

  • Keeping WordPress up to date
  • Updating WordPress

Page templates

  • What are page templates?

WordPress folders & SEO

  • Why use sub-folders?
  • Parent pages and folders

Moving a WordPress website

  • Checking your website’s uptime
  • Moving ISPs

Converting a non-WordPress website to a WordPress website

  • Backup and download your existing website
  • Recycle file names
  • Replicating page content
  • File name extensions
  • Maintaining existing folder structure


  • What is ftp?
  • Installing an ftp program

Social media sharing

  • Installing the addthis plugin for social media sharing

Mobile phones & WordPress

  • Using responsive themes
  • Installing the wptouch plugin for mobile phone website display

Comment spam

  • What is comment spam?
  • Activating the akismet plugin
  • Disabling comments using a plugin


  • Onsite vs. Offsite SEO
  • Installing an SEO plugin
  • Using an SEO plugin

Html sitemaps vs. Xml sitemaps

  • Two types of sitemaps
  • What is an html sitemap?
  • Premium themes and html sitemap template pages
  • Using html sitemap plugins
  • What is an xml sitemap?
  • Installing the google xml site map plugin

Broken link checker

  • Installing a checker for broken links

Website page loading speeds

  • Google webmaster tools & loading speeds
  • Using gzip to make your website faster
  • WP smush.it


  • Tablepress plugin

Pricing tables

Easy pricing tables

Tabs and accordions

Drop shadow boxes for text & pictures


Inserting document download links

  • Issues with uploading large document files
  • How to upload a word document, pdf document or zip file

Shortcodes & formatting

  • Shortcodes ultimate
  • Olevmedia shortcodes

Font formatting – size & colour

Photo resizing & cropping

Low cost custom graphics & videos

Check out fiverr.com

  • Free graphics, pictures & photographs
  • Stay legal!

Rounded image corners

  • Gimp – free graphics program


  • Using the gallery plugin

Featured images

  • What are featured images?
  • How to attach a featured image

Buttons & icons

  • Creating custom buttons


  • What is a favicon?
  • Using a plugin to create a favicon

Searching your website

  • Using the standard search widget
  • Improving the WordPress search utility

Increase your website security

  • The ithemes plugin
  • Checking your theme

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WordPress Masterclass Training in Perth WA
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