SEO Training Perth

Search Engine Optimization, WordPress & YouTube Seminars in Perth

I have over 20 years experience working with SEO and creating business web-sites for local businesses

My name is David Murray and I run training courses in Perth, Western Australia.  I can show you how to take control of your own business web site and promote it within the Internet search engines such as Google using Search Engine Optimisation techniques that are approved of by Google.

Promoting your site the wrong way can get your website banned from Google.  If you are dissatisfied with your current SEM company then learn how to do it yourself.  No technical or programming skills are required, and over the last few years I have taught hundreds of local businesses in Perth how to promote their own site.

Over 1.3 million people have watched my free YouTube training videos and over 50,000 people have taken my premium online training courses, in 162 countries.

NEW: After feedback from many local small businesses, weekend training courses now available.

As the owner of Cheltenham Group I am proud to support OXFAM's clean water projects around the world.


Internet Marketing Essentials 
1/2 Day Weekend Charity Seminar in Perth

SEO Training Perth

I can help to put your business on the map!

This short 1/2 day course will introduce you to the ideas behind SEO.  You will watch me create a WordPress site from scratch in real time, apply basic search engine optimisation and also show what can be achieved by having a YouTube channel that is put together properly.  This course is NOT required if you are attending the full, one day courses, it is intended more as a showcase for you to see what is possible, once you take online marketing seriously.

It also allows you to check me out, prior to deciding wether you wish to invest in my series of three, 1 day courses.  Come along with lots of questions and put me to the test!  During the seminar I will provide you with the knowledge and free tools to run an audit on your current website and let you see if your existing online marketing company is any good or not.


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SEO Training 
Full 1 day seminar in Perth

Cheltenham seo-tutorials-training

SEO Training: In this website marketing course I will show you how to optimize the content and structure of your website to gain the maximum online exposure within the search engines. Topics range cover the basics from the importance of good titles, descriptions and the correct use of headers, through to more advanced topics such as use of ‘nofollow’ tags and Alt tags. I will also cover the techniques for discovering the keyword phrases that are really important to your particular website and ways of exploring your competitors. Modern copywriting techniques will also be covered.

Search Engine Optimization Seminars in Perth

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WordPress Training Seminar in Perth

WordPress Training Course Perth

Lean how to make a business website | Perth Seminar

If you are not familiar with WordPress, it is a way of creating websites that is easy to learn and apply and will allow you to update the website yourself rather than having to pay an expensive web designer every time you want to make changes to the site or create new content.

Used correctly WordPress makes efficient SEO a breeze. You can create websites that look good on a PC, an iPad and on a mobile phone, which is vital these days as more and more people use a mobile phone to access the Web.

Learn more advanced formatting techniques as well as how to integrate your social media with your website and also how to apply Search Engine Optimization into your websites.

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YouTube Training Seminar in Perth

YouTube Training Course Perth

Most small businesses ignore the power of YouTube videos.  Be smart - Use video to promote your products or services. 

Did you know that YouTube is the second most widely used search engine after Google and that Google also owns YouTube? 

If you are not on YouTube you are losing business. 

What many people do not realise is that videos on YouTube can be promoted in the same way that pages within a website can be promoted.

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When you book your place on all three, one-day courses,
you can get three courses for the price of two

Three, full days of training from an expert with over 20 years’ experience in the industry.



SEO Consultancy

One-to-One consultancy for up to 2 people from your organization.

Learn how to do Search Engine Optimization the right way!


Website Design Perth

Modern web-site design that works

My web site designs are responsive and will work on a computer, tablet and mobile phone.  Please check out our extensive website portfolio.  Whether you want a one page website or a full web-site incorporating ecommerce, call us and pop in for a free chat about your requirements.


Web Site Redesign

Responsive, mobile friendly sites.

If you have an existing web site we can convert your current web-site to a WordPress based site, using the latest design techniques.  You need a site that works on all devices such as a PC, table and mobile phone. 


Free Web Site Audit

How well is your website optimised for the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing?  Fill in your details and find out.

I normally get a score of over 90%.  How well did your web designer do?

To fix your website sign up for my SEO seminars now.


I design websites from the ground up to be SEO friendly

Often the hardest part of promoting a web site is getting the initial content and structure right.  It’s a bit like building a house if the foundations are good then the rest is plain sailing. Most websites I see do not show up well within Google and make the same basic mistakes over and over again.

Often I see website that look great, that have clearly been written by experienced web designers that have excellent skills as graphic artists, but who seem unable to grasp even the basics of modern SEO techniques.

I believe that the most important factor for any website is to get found easily when people search for information about your particular product or service.

My name is David Murray and I have been successfully applying SEO to web-sites for over 20 years. Since 1996 I have started and run a number of very successful companies and in all that time I have never felt the need to employ a single salesperson, I never use Yellow Pages and do hardly any ‘traditional advertising’ or marketing.

Virtually all my business is generated via our web-sites that are optimized to show up well in Google and the other search engines. Cheltenham Group is a small, family owned company and can guarantee you personal attention, rather than outsourcing your business like so many SEO companies do these days.

Sound interesting? Call me on 0487 815 493


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